The objective of Beit Al Yateem is to relieve the children of our community from poverty, sickness and securing good education.


Living spaces are made up of large dormitories. They are well lit, heated, ventilated and provided with simple and comfortable bedsteads and beddings as well as closet space for each individual. The dormitories are divided into two sections, one for boys and one for girls, and each of the sections are in turn subdivided by age groups. Close to the dormitories are the bathing and sanitary facilities. The orphanage also owns its’ own laundry facilities.

Medical care

Students are subject to periodic medical checkups, two permanent nurses offer their services 24hrs a day in the private dispensary which is officially licensed by the ministry of health; the orphanage also has a dental clinic.
It is noteworthy that the orphanage thankfully receives many proposals from physicians who offer their free services.

Social activities

The hall in the upper floor can accommodate more than seven hundred people, intended for special social activities for the institution like music concerts, plays, conferences as well as other extramural activities.


Beit Al-yateem has eight play grounds, four of which are covered, allowing sports activities throughout all four seasons. Sports teams participate in matches against other school teams.

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