Human values and civic principles              

As the objective of Beit Al Yateem is to relieve the children of our community from poverty and sickness, the administration is keen on applying the following:

  • Implanting basic moral principles in the mind of students: the sense of fairness, truthfulness, and proper social behavior.

  • Assisting students to appreciate good social relationships.

  • Assisting students in logical reasoning and encouraging them to express their opinions.

  • Providing students with general knowledge and acquainting them with their natural environment and with a view of protecting it.

  • Assisting students to understand their social environment and encouraging them to help in solving its’ problems.

  • Implanting civic values such as respect for others, and the prevailing of social standards.

  • Respect and appreciation of menial work.

  • Emphasis on the value of planning and encouragement to participate in plan execution.

  • Emphasis on the value of cooperation and on priority of the general good v.s. personal interest.

  • Respect of individual variants irrespective of sex, color or creed.

  • Training in the practice of democratic principles within the group and in social life.

  • Development of the traits of leadership and drilling in following the leader.

  • Encouragement of the individual to hold his/her rights courageously.

  • Emphasizing the value of leisure time and its appropriate use.






1. Shakeeb Al-Nakadi Typical school which is divided into three parts: kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary.

2. Aref AL-Nakadi Vocational school
where the students are divided into 3 categories:

  • Category of those who completed the Secondary School at the Druze Orphanage, subsequently food, clothing and lodging are for free.

  • Category of those of social difficulties who get special financial assistance (discounted tuition fees).

  • Category of those who pay full tuition fees. Should be noted that the fees are less than other private technical schools.




The school provides teaching and training in General Electricity, Electronics, Accounting, Computer Science, Marketing, Cooling and Heating, Nursery Education and Hotel Management. Its’ main languages are Arabic and English, with French as an additional language taught to the students of Business Administration. The school helps its graduates find jobs.


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